Location Finder: Helping Creatives Discover Places

The Problem

As a creative, I think i've always been inspired by traveling. On weekend trips out of the city I love to discover new areas. I also often have projects that involve shooting a specific locations out of my daily school/home/work realm.
Before you trek out to a location with your photography equipment, paints and canvas, ect. there it's important to know if the space will be adequate for your creative needs. My users had many needs that Location Finder solves.

My Role

This project was created in my Intro to UX class. I went from start to finish from concept and UX practices to the UI design for every screen of the app as a UX team of one. The project took place over the Spring 2018 semester.

Primary User - Alex Chapman

"I need to expand my portfolio to attract new clients. I'm hoping to relocate soon and i'm wondering what the photography scene is like."
  • Age 23
  • Graduate student studying Photography at University of Colorado Boulder
  • Colorado native


    • Needs to discover photoshoot locations and details
    • Wants to see different, more interesting places for photoshoots
    • Wants to build references for projects


    • Wants to have different work in his   portfolio to break out of Colorado

    Pain Points

    • Frustrated by stock imagery
    • Has difficulty touching on his process in his portfolio and in interviews

    Secondary and Tertiary Users

    My primary and secondary users are also creatives who would benefit greatly from the functions of Location Finder.
    Click their portraits to learn more about them.

    Product Features

    Key features of the application


    Users can enter in attributes manually or select from the popular tags.

    Submit a Location

    Users can fill out a form to submit their locations to the app. This includes basic information as well as more comprehensive information like booking information and video previews.

    Location Details

    To be a part of the app, locations must have extensive location details.