Organize Chaos
Content Marketing for The Container Store


Organized Chaos is a microsite inspired by the busy lives of our young customers. Although our products at The Container Store do a great job at organizing spaces, some things can’t be put in containers. We know that organization leads to success and we want to help our consumers organize beyond their items.

My Role

This project was created in my Intro to Digital Typography class. I went from start to finish from concept and UX practices to to UI design for the microsite. The project took place over the Fall 2017 semester.

Site Overview
Color System

The microsite itself is organized by color for easy category recognition and travel.


Primary User

Relevant Characteristics
  • Age 22
  • Graduate student, entrepreneur
  • Single
  • Living in NYC
User Profile

Caitlin is a 22 year old aspiring Entrepreneur studying at NYU. She moved to NYC from Ohio in 2014 and has been working toward her dreams since. She loves to keep busy but sometimes it becomes all too much to handle. She loves to meal prep and keep her apartment cozy and welcoming.

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